Ultimate Open Relationships Manual Ultimate Edition


In this book, you will learn a simple, step-by-step system for establishing an enjoyable, long-term, low-drama, low-cost, open or nonmonogamous relationship with any type of woman, and without having to lie or lead her on.

Taken from over a decade of experience, scores of long-term serious and casual relationships, and detailed scientific tracking and analysis of both his own results and men who have successfully done this all over the world, Blackdragon shows you exactly how to do it, step-by-step. The system is proven and it works. It will work for you.

The Deluxe Version Includes:

  • Ebook in PDF Format
  • Ebook in Kindle / MOBI Format
  • Ebook in EPUB Format
  • Unabridged 9 Hour Audiobook in Standard MP3 Format
  • Ultimate Open Relationships Manual Supplemental Podcast – A 30-minute podcast with extra techniques and strategies not included in the main book.
  • Blackdragon Relationship Reports – A reprinting of a detailed set of relationship reports regarding 15 women I dated in relationships over a 12 month period. See exactly what I did, what worked, and what didn’t so you can improve your own relationship game.
  • Techniques for Serious Relationships – A book that describes several field-tested techniques on how to handle a very serious nonmonogamous relationship (OLTR). These are all extra techniques not included in the main book.
  • How To Get Her Off The Dating Site and To A Real Date – An ebook that shows you exactly how to get a woman you’re talking to on an online dating site or app to agree to meet you in real life for a first date. Step-by-step instructions!




Bonus items: