Get To Sex Fast – Bonuses Only


This bundle is just for guys who have already purchased Get To Sex Fast and want only the new bonuses that come with the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions. The actual Get To Sex ebook and audiobook are NOT included with this bundle! You just get the bonuses!

This bundle includes:

  • Get To Sex Fast Supplemental Podcast – A 30-minute podcast with extra techniques and strategies not included in the main book.
  • Ebook: Pick-Up Patterns and Routines – An ebook that describes three pick-up routines or “patterns,” in great detail, that I used to improve my sexual results with women. These exact scripts will help you too.
  • Ebook: Blackdragon Lay Reports – These are three of my best “lay reports” from years ago when I used to post these on PUA forums. I go into precise detail about what I did, what happened, how I succeeded, how long it took, and how much money it cost to get from meet-to-sex with three different attractive women. These will help you in your game as well.
  • Ebook: How To Get Her Off The Dating Site and To A Real Date – An ebook that shows you exactly how to get a woman you’re talking to on an online dating site or app to agree to meet you in real life for a first date. Step-by-step instructions! (And updated from that last version.)






Bonus items: